The Function of Isolation Room in Hospital and Conditions that Need It

The isolation room is a room that is specially designed and separated from other patients. It is important to pay attention to isolation facility facilities and infrastructure to control the spread of disease or infection. To enter the isolation room in the hospital can not be arbitrary just like that. There are several procedures that must be followed, both by nurses, doctors, until visitors who want to visit patients. Preventing Contamination In general, isolation rooms use negative air pressure to help prevent diseases that can spread through the air, exit the isolation room and infect other people. Thus, no air will come out of the isolation room and contaminate the outside air. Isolation rooms can also be used otherwise. When someone has a weak immune system, the isolation room uses positive air pressure by filtering the air clean, then pumping it into the room continuously. This makes the air entering the isolation room remain sterile and not contaminated. Conditions that
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